Our Culture

Focused on the Cure

Today, we are the leader in cell therapy. Our focus on changing the paradigm of cancer treatment puts us at the forefront of immunotherapy and engineered T-cell therapy. Every day, our actions can have real, tangible effect on the lives of patients accessing treatment solutions we make available to their healthcare providers.

Our dedication to a singular mission creates an inclusive environment where we share a common motivation, and where we are excited by challenges and changes. This has allowed us to build a culture of evolution and collaboration.

Accountable, creative and curious, we value and respect each and every contribution. And by working together, we encourage each other to never lose sight of our goals, our shared sense of purpose and our core values.

INTEGRITY – Doing What’s Right

INCLUSION – Encouraging Diversity

TEAMWORK – Working Together

EXCELLENCE – Being Your Best

ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking Personal Responsibility

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