Creating a positive impact on our direct environment

Making a positive contribution to the immediate environment and its ecosystem starts with ourselves and our own company. This is why Kite will support Staatsbosbeheer in replacing a double row of diseased and weakened ash trees along an 1100-meter-long bicycle path in the nearby Venneperhout park forest. Over the next four years, at least 550 healthy, new and mature trees will be planted in this beautiful recreational area.

Kite employees will have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves several times in the coming years to support Staatsbosbeheer and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer in making this part of the forest the best it can be.

After the successful launch of this project and the unveiling of the bicycle path’s new name ‘Vliegerlaantje’ in June 2023, we look forward to working with Staatsbosbeheer on the project’s next milestone.

”Kite is convinced that companies need to take responsibility for the impact they have on their surroundings and the environment. This starts for us with our premises in Hoofddorp, which is completely CO2 neutral, has energy label A and generates solar energy from over 1,900 solar panels on the roof. Within our walls, our nearly 900 employees work on people’s health. We want to have an impact not only on health and well-being, but also on communities and the area in which we are located. We see replacing these trees and maintaining our environment as part of this responsibility,’’

Chris Crowell, VP Operations & Site Head of Kite

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